Nintendo Battles Apple for Parts as Switch Demand Rises

Nintendo’s biggest battle these days isn’t against other game makers. It’s against companies like Apple that are gobbling up the same parts the Kyoto-based company needs to make its hit Switch machine.

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yellowgerbil565d ago

I'm glad I was wrong about this system. Might get one myself if they have a bundle by christmas. It's weaker than I'd like but it already has more games that I would like to play than the X1 has 4 years in. Heard they got exclusivity to the sequel of steamworld dig and even though it looks completely different I'd love to play it because dig was my favorite indy of past 5 years.

bolimekurac565d ago

yeah i was thinking of getting one as well because it already has more games i would like to play then the ps4 has had in the last 4 years.

see what i did there. i can troll too

no_ripley565d ago

Why do you think he's trolling?

Newsflash!!! There are people out there with different tastes. I myself have a PS4 which i only use to play Destiny on. There are not much great games out for the PS4, and please don't bring up Horizon because besides great graphics it doesn't even come close to the fun and scope of Zelda BOTW.

At the moment the Switch doesn't have much games, so here the PS4 clearly has an advantage though

bolimekurac565d ago

schn0dd3r, i think that and know it by the fact he only mentions xbox one as the one with no games, hes trolling, it wouldnt be the first time on this site either. but its all good, scorpio is coming and that $hit crushed the pro in specs, you see, i can troll too.

yellowgerbil564d ago

I am not trolling. I would buy an xbox one if I saw the value, and would like to get one but there just isn't enough there for me to warrant the purchase. I would love to play sunset overdrive and we happy few but outside of those 2 games they've yet to release anything that appeals to me.
With the Switch I really want to try that Zelda, Steamworld 2, I saw they had a disgea game out now and was thinking it is time to finally try that series I played Prinny 2 on the psp and loved that but never played the main series.
So No I was not trolling, Everyone has different tastes and my tastes do not go in line with the target that Xbox has. I love sony but at my core I would say I am still a sega fanboy if anything, I would day one get a new sega system if they ever decided to return to the market because say what you will Dreamcast had the best exclusives of any system ever in history

bolimekurac564d ago

then why even bring up xbox at all when talking about switch and when the article is about switch

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Aenea565d ago

There are only 2 games worth playing at the moment on the Switch, MK8 and Zelda. They are fun as heck tho, but it's not too many. X1 has had quite a few more games released....

deafdani564d ago

Hey, Fast RMX is also absolutely worth it on Switch.

Aenea564d ago


Yeah, indeed, will grab that one soon as well! Was already on my list.

ninsigma565d ago

Really nice machine (except for the dock). Some great games like flipping death, sonic mania and Mario Oddysey will all be awesome on the go. I really don't think it's gonna get any of the big games but it sounds like that's not problem for you.

Kokyu565d ago

Come on people demand for this thing isnt high, its the same old Nintendo as we have seen for years; dont make enough so it seems demand is high. When this thing gets passed 13 million units then you say demand is high.

no_ripley565d ago

Please, proof that the demand isn't high.


Monster_Tard565d ago

It's still currently Nintendo's fastest selling console and they've doubled their production to get them out faster, the whole "artificial demand" theory just isn't holding water anymore.

Uken12565d ago

Kokyu - You sir have no idea how business, manufacturing, production and marketing work.

franwex565d ago

I suppose that was an unforseen aspect about competing directly with smart phone manufacturers.

jaycptza565d ago

Firstly what common parts are there? Secondly the article is behind a pay wall.

davand114564d ago

The memory chips (32GB) in the switch is the same one that apple, samsung, and others use, so there is some competition for them to put in orders.

jaycptza563d ago

Well Samsung won't be such a problem the S8 only comes in 64GB internal storage, also maybe Nintendo can can man up and install a 128GB variant to alleviate that problem

gtxgamer2564d ago

Once we get Smash, Mario Party, a proper Pokemon console game and Metroid then I'll be happy :)