Reminder: Xbox Live Service Maintenance

MajorNelson writes:

"As I mentioned earlier in the week, tomorrow (Monday, 9/29/2008) from 12:01 AM PST for up to 24 hours, Xbox Live will be offline for maintenance.
When the service returns, you will not have any new features and you will not have the new Xbox experience update. That will happen later this Fall."


On 9/30/08 @ 2:18 CST MajorNelson provided the following update:

Edit: The LIVE maintenance is taking longer thank expected. I'll have an update at 0200 PT.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3550d ago

They must be optimizing Xbox Live for the upcoming flops

masterofpwnage3550d ago

thats sux for 360 owners, good thing i use my ps3 for online

bohemian 233550d ago

I guess i'll have to dust off that Wii controller.

ChrisGTR13550d ago

yea thanks for the comment mr. troll

bomboclaat_gamer3550d ago

best thing to do to trolls is to snatch their bubbles away, and hit disagree. that will teach them. remember drekken. lol he was the biggest troll looking attention, now he cooled down

armanmoo3550d ago

You just had to say that huh?

JustinSaneV23550d ago

Because the PSN has never had to be taken down for maintenance...

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DevastationEve3550d ago

Mine went offline at 12:08AM. Good to see that they're performing maintenance. Stuff like this happens to all websites, cell phone services, cable providers. Good thing too, since Xbox Live services millions of gamers, and sees millions of users logging in. A day without it will go by quick. After all, it's a Monday:)

artral163550d ago

mine with off right at 12:01 and now im on here bored. but it is monday and it first day of the week so it will go by faster

PureGamer3550d ago

im playing mercs 2 doesnt bother me.

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The story is too old to be commented.