LBP Space Invaders

Someone has created a very unique level. They have designed a Space Invader level which looks very awesome.

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Raoh3700d ago

the idea is great.. and normally i would approve.. .but the quality is so bad that its not worth it..

love the concept though.. cant wait to get my hands on this game..

sadly my letter from god granting me access to the beta hasnt arrived :(

Bubble Buddy3700d ago

This game is too nice. I already have so many levels in my mind I want to create :).

Question: when you preoder from EB games what do you get with it besides the kratos sackboy in-game?

Nintendo Rep3699d ago

OMG PIRACY!!!!!!!11!!1!111!!!! What next? Mario? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! !!!11!!!!!11!!11!1

masterofpwnage3700d ago

why is lbp so sexy?

dam does sackboys, they make me feel gay

gumgum993700d ago

there is one for every gender...

just a thought

BabyStomper50003699d ago

So you're the guy from Kotaku that made the penis rocket level!!

Agent VX3700d ago

Again, "Why???" just why??? When will they start to show some actual fun and challenging levels to play. This stuff is pathetic.

aceitman3700d ago

that is your name if your not having fun then stop going in lbp stories and news and stop watching the videos or stop being in denial

LeonSKennedy4Life3700d ago

Because Space Invaders is freakin' fun.

Always has been.

masterofpwnage3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

dude the beta is so fukin new and they already making this kind of stages already, bro u need to stfu, because ur a fukin hater to this people who tried hella hard.

bro ur trying way to hard to convince ur self this game will suck wen the fukin beta is still so new ur in every lbp article and freaking downplaying.

why not wait like a week or 2 then u will see better. i bet u some people is still trying to get use to the level creating.

Seraphim3700d ago

these are all user created levels (content) from the beta.... A lot of which I'm not a fan of but this was a pretty cool level. Nothing special but seeing how well they replicated space invaders and playing it was pretty cool. While a lot of the levels are rubbish there's a lot of good-solid stuff....

There's certainly a lot of fun levels out there, and some that are challenging as well. It's just that all the trivial (themed) content is being shown by these websites...

psiom3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Don't be an idiot.

Go to gametrailers and you'll see plenty of Media Molecule's own levels which look insanely fun to play. LBP is platforming at its best. If you don't like platforming then WHY THE HELL would you even be in this thread? Is it useful to you if some one who doesn't like shooters goes into a Gears thread saying "this looks crap because the gameplay is not for me!"

Again and again you fail (whether accidentally or deliberately, whatever..) to see the point of these user created videos. LBP is a game that will be played for YEARS. In a few days of the beta there have been some awesome proof of concept videos, and the reason people like to see this stuff is because it shows what the engine supports and provides a window into the potentially endless supply of new content that this game's users will have access to.

For anyone that enjoys platforming, this game may well mark one of the biggest milestones in gaming in recent history. The scope is simply so far into a league of its own that there's just no comparison.

The game ships with top quality, hand crafted, first party levels (50 or so apparently), so don't try to convince anyone it contains no fun gameplay just because some amateur creators are still finding their feet.

Do yourself a favor: Either TRY to understand this game, or just ignore it and stop wasting time and site bandwidth.

CrazzyMan3700d ago

That will be fun to play? =)


juuken3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

You know what?


Openzone that way-->

mfwahwah3700d ago

Upload a video of the levels you've made, otherwise I can't take you seriously. You have to be GREAT at making LBP levels to talk smack about other people's creative work.

Remember, this isn't a level designer making the level. It's a person with a creative concept using the tools at hand to manifest that concept into an LBP level.

Nothing wrong with experimentation, ESPECIALLY in a fresh beta. I hope you understand what I'm trying to get across here. Probably won't though, because I have to assume you're a troll. Either that, or someone incapable of inferring.

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Max Power3700d ago

i was going to do that, oh well. i'll make mine better.

TrueSonyFaN3700d ago

4 this game to come out!!!

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