Bungie accused of using Madeleine McCann case to promote Halo

In an unfortunate cross-cultural coincidence, Halo developer Bungie has inadvertently drawn parallels to a famous child abduction case to promote its new Halo 3 expansion pack. In a new teaser trailer, which depicts a war-torn city landscape, various messages flash up on the screen, including one that asks "Maddie, where are you?"

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silverchode3726d ago

either way their getting publicity from it, good job bungie.

FaSeCeX3726d ago

haha, more than likely a coincidence, but if its not..then thats evil haha straight evil

MiloGarret3726d ago

Seems to the ones getting most publicity from it are the McCanns. They certainly need it.

cRaZyLeGs 933726d ago

Her parents are a pair of idiots!

Gam713726d ago

Both Milo and crazy are right.

Can't believe someone used cctv from the Jamie Buldger murder.
I don't think either was intentional but how bad must it be to be the person who wrote that line or put the footage in the game only to wake up one morning and find out there's it's connected to child murder's and abductions.

masterg3726d ago

If it was done on purpose, how in the world can you say good job.
A child is missing and probably dead. To use that in any way shape or form is despicable.

It is a bit strange. Maddie is not a common name.

Pebz3725d ago

Take a step back, take a deep breath and then look at it from a different point of view. If bungie are getting publicity from this, then so is Madeleine McCann, which in turn increases her chances of being found, one might imagine.

If the media throws a fit over this, they are doing it for their own gain, just like they are doing with the original story anyway. They cover the Madeleine case because it's so high profile, but fail to even as much as mention that vast number of children go missing all the time.

GametimeUK3725d ago

Its like the whole world constantly looks for excuses to bring this girls name up and to be honest im a bit bored now

masterg3725d ago


Try a google search for "Maddie" and see how long it takes you to find a result that is not about the missing Maddie.

likedamaster3720d ago

I'm going to be honest, i'm more interested in the case more now than before. It's just I've heard so many cases like this...still sad though.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3726d ago

Tsk tsk tsk

Looks like Bungie is up to its old nefarious deeds again.For shame


caffman3725d ago

Sony got sued by the church and sacrificied a goat! By the way, it looks like Satan wasn't listening


Maddie is the name of another Spartan you ass clowns.

LarVanian3725d ago

What crap are you talking about?
All Sony did was apologise, they never gave the church any money.

Ogrekiller3726d ago

Eh, could be worse.
Remember the GOW2 goat fiasco?

TheOtherGuy3726d ago

Sorry,Child>>>>Del icious Goat

So Bungie lose.

sunnygrg3726d ago

That goat fiasco was indeed a strange one. What the hell were they thinking? ^_^ :)

Gam713726d ago

i think the comparison is because unlike this which is coincidental the goat slaughter was intentional and pre-planned and not that killing a goat is worse than kidnapping a child.

outlawlife3726d ago

this is stupid, just because a girl has the name maddie doesn't mean everything refers to her

gaffyh3726d ago

Well it wouldn't be such a problem if they had just written "Maddy" instead. I think Bungie did this on purpose, sick joke imo.

BTW, this Madelene McCann story has been on every news show and newspaper for the past 6 months, they still trying to find her, it's too much of a coincidence that Bungie would do this at the same time.

chasuk083726d ago

This is obviously not a co incedence. I cant belive someone like bungie would be so stupid. Why wouldnt they just play it safe and use another name ??

SuperM3726d ago

I dont think its a cooincident either. Its not like they put on a randomizer and "Maddie where are you?" accidently came up.

Someone actually wrote that, and you can be pretty damn sure that person knew about Madeleine Mccann.

I mean if he had wrote something like "maddie is playing" or whatever, then ofcourse that could be a cooincident. But "Maddie where are you?"?

If anything they noticed the connection but didnt want to change it because they knew it might give them good PR.

Anyway thats just what i think. You can never know for sure.

ry-guy3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree with the ones above.

Just because this is still plastered all over British news does not mean an American company is aware of it.

I'm an American and as these news stories popped up I wondered who Maddie was and if it was relevant to Halo in that Bungie accidentally released a spoiler in their trailer. Now that I see why people could be upset it doesn't mean the name and phrase should be off limits. I have a friend named Madeleine who likes to be called "Maddy" and am I now never allowed to ask her where she is because it could insinuate this current event? See how ridiculous that sounds. It is on the same level as you guys accusing Bungie of being evil evil men.

For all you guys know this was a character that was written in the Halo cannon well before that unfortunate incident of child abduction. There have been a half a dozen books written with dozens of other characters. And knowing Bungie and their track record when have they EVER done something intentionally malicious? Never.

This is an unfortunate problem, the game will be re-written and adjusted and the character will never be mentioned of again, get over it.

Jack Bauer3726d ago

gaffyh... i watch the news a lot... i never heard of her before in my's possible guys working on a game that they prolly rarely even know the weather, dont know news from halfway around the world.

Xelai3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Blaming the company is absurd beyond imagination. How can they do this on purpose and risk a backlash?

In addition, they are American, not European, in Europe we do not hear about missing American childs, so it is quite improbable they were even aware.

I live in Europe, I knew about the Maddie case, but when I saw the trailer I did not made the connection myself till I read some websites.

People like conspirations and paranoia, linking every bit of sick news to create hits for their websites, that is the only reason for the stir, the media need it to be linked to create a fuss out of nothing.

Sitdown3725d ago

I agree....I know/knew nothing of her...and still don't. I rarely watch the news.............but if it is not about her, Bungie could easily just explain why they used the name....if they have not already.

Dareaver13725d ago

PS3 fans and fanboys are pretty sick. to think that they would intentionally do this is absurd. Oh you want to legitimize it for what. Bungie is huge, they don't need some kind of ploy to get attention. All they have to say is Halo 3 expansion, and they would be fine.

This is one of the lowest kinds of behavior i have been witness to. Now, i think that these console wars are getting out of hand. It's a missing child for goodness sake. How many Bungie employees have families of their own, you really think that they would do something like this. Some of you are really sick, and should seek out help.

I am really disappointed in this site for some of the responses on here. It just makes my stomach churn.

Logically does Bungie need a ploy to get attention, really ask yourselves that question. Their game was released last year and is still on top of Live, and in their first week made over 300 million. Do you really think they need this kind of underhanded tactic for attention.

This is really a shame, and a dark day in gaming. Pretty soon game developers are going to need to make up ridiculous names for their characters, because of coincidences like this. The media has struck a new low....

Sorry for the rant, but i'm just thoroughly disgusted by some of the response on here.

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caffman3725d ago

1. a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance: Our meeting in Venice was pure coincidence.
2. the condition or fact of coinciding.
3. an instance of this.