Road Rash Retrospective

Stuttering Craig writes:

"This week's Submission comes from Evil Monkey as he takes a look at a series that a series that if you're down with motorcycles and beating people's ass then you should know about. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you should allow Evil Monkey educate yourself."

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Cajun Chicken3725d ago

Kick and punch him off his bike usually 'Biff', steal the chain/baseball bat wait for people to drive in front of you, hit them off the bike with recently acquired melee weapon or force them to drive into the path of cars, get knocked off and ramp off their body before they get back on the bike before the fat cop on the bike tries to arrest you and win the race and put arms up shouting "yeah! yeah!".

This series has been gone long enough.

Laexerias3725d ago

Seriously he didnt played 2 and 3? LOL.