Digit-Life: GeForce 9800 GT and 9500 GT Graphics Cards Review

Digit-Life writes: "Over a year has passed since the launch of GeForce 8600 and almost a year since the launch of GeForce 8800 GT. It's high time to update these price ranges. GeForce 9500 GT has actually been overhauled with thinner 55nm process technology, higher shader frequencies, 512 MB of memory. But GeForce 9800 GT hasn't changed. It still uses G92 at frequencies of 8800 GT and has the same 512 MB of memory. Just memory latency has been reduced a little, so it works a little faster now at the same clock rates. That's it, actually. Even the new G92 revision gives nothing to users, as the architecture and clock rates are the same.

So we'd like to ask: on what grounds did they change "8" to "9"? The transition from "7" to "8" was justified, because engineers radically modified the architecture and introduced the DX10 support. But in this case it's just a marketing trick, nothing more."

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