Nvidia settles GPU price fixing class action case

Custom PC writes: "Following the legal class action case in California that saw Nvidia and ATI accused of colluding together to fix GPU prices, Nvidia has offered a settlement agreement to the certified class that brought the action. This class can include anyone who bought a graphics card directly from Nvidia or ATI's website in the US between 4 December 2002 and 7 November 2007.

The settlement agreement is detailed in an 8-K form that was filed on 24 September. The agreement calls for Nvidia to pay $850,000 into a total fund of $1.7 million, with AMD/ATI presumably paying in another $850,000 to make up the other half, although we're waiting for AMD to confirm this. However, the 8-K form says that the agreement is still 'subject to court approval.' If the agreement is approved, then Nvidia says that it 'would dispose of all claims and appeals raised by the certified class in the Action against Nvidia.'"

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