Youtube: LBP rollercoaster level

Short and sweet video. Just watch.

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Milky3703d ago

I played this one last week, its not actually that fun.

f7897903703d ago

They are just fun to see. If I were the person that made that level I would put in a full loop.

strotee3703d ago

There are so many cool levels. Today I played levels inspired by Saw, Indiana Jones, Uncharted, and Super Mario Brothers. This is just the beginning of how great it will be with the right creative minds creating levels for it.

My pre-order is my early Xmas gift to myself.

aceitman3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

and i just got my lbp japan beta i dont care its in japan i get to play lbp beta so if i dont get the three beta keys for americans i can sleep and dont have to waist my long hours trying to get beta keys checking my email every 15 minutes good luck to all downloading now im sure it can be easy to do with out reading i dont read the game books anyway so i should catch on and at least i can play all of the levels ive been watching

azurechaos3703d ago

I just published my Silent Hill level too

I'm having so much fun with this game, can't wait until the full version

DarkBlade3703d ago

I got in the beta and i got to say all the level i saw made mine level look like crap :(

masterofpwnage3703d ago

atleast u tried here have a tittie and a bubble with a agree

juuken3703d ago

*waits anxiously for preorder*

silverchode3703d ago

just freeze yourself, time will go by faster.

juuken3703d ago

Lol, not a bad idea....xP

Panthers3703d ago

Hey, learn from Cartman and just wait it out. You dont want to wake up in a future full of beaver warriors

peedie163703d ago

Its so cool how these people can do this with limited tools I can't wait fro the release

spectyre3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

The tools may be limited compared to the full release, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around all the tools in the beta. It's not that their hard to use or anything like that. There's just so damn much you can do, it's a sensory overload. For example, I played a level today and the uploader put a combination on the level. I had to arrange some dice in the proper order to finish the level. Most, if not all, of the levels I played were quite inventive. One was a rocket powered duck... Malard to pe precise. The whole level was just riding the duck from point A to point B but I quite enjoyed it. I played the level again and it played out differently. The physics in this game are unbelievable.
I started to dink around with building levels but everyone in my house wants to play this game. Everyone I've seen play LBP on my PS3 seems to be constantly smiling. This title is something very special.