Ranking the Final Fantasy Series

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: " Today's article is a ranking of the main entries in the Final Fantasy series, from best to worst. I have also included a few of the more high-profile direct sequels in this list as well, but spin-offs and side-stories have been left out.

I can practically guarantee that you will not agree with this list, to at least some extent, and that's fine. Almost everyone I know has a different opinion on how the Final Fantasy games are ranked, but when you do eventually disagree with this list I'd encourage you to let others know in the comments how you would rank them instead."

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Geobros416d ago

Final Fantasy X was really epic with the new level up system and a great story. But my tru love are the 3 FF games released on SNES.

kalkano416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Move 10-2 and 15 off the list completely, and it would be a decent list.

And, frankly, if 11 and 14 are too different (and I agree, they are), then so is 15.

PhoenixUp415d ago

It's cheap how you included the entire FFXIII trilogy as one entry on this list

peewee11016415d ago

I kinda like the LIST... I never beat 6 beat every other single one think i might go back and beat it

jreeves82415d ago

Glad to see my favorite ( 9 ) get some love over the overrated 7. Don't get me wrong 7 was great...just not the best ever.

Zabatsu415d ago

Well, I simply agree to disagree. I would say they're equal.

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The story is too old to be commented.