Sam Lake : "I would like to do something more about Alan Wake"

The author of cult games, creative director Remedy and Max Payne's talk about his inspirations, favorite comics and the creative process.

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Stogz417d ago

I would like this as well.

TekoIie417d ago

That would be really cool! Alan Wake was a great game.

fenome417d ago

I've never played it but it seemed to have a really positive response from the community and people enjoyed it, I'm actually surprised it never got a sequel.

TheOttomatic91417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

It incredibly underperformed sales wise iirc by 2016 the game sold total 1.5 million copies or something and the game was released in 2010.

MMOBytes417d ago

a remaster would probably sell well.

wh0am1417d ago

It has aged incredibly well over the years. A true classic.

TheOttomatic91417d ago

Does MS still retain the rights to Alan Wake?

XXanderXX417d ago

Think Publishing & Marketing , don't know about IP ownership .

scofios417d ago

No Remedy owns the ip .

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