Gamernode: Tales of Vesperia Review

Gamernode writes: "Tales of Vesperia is the first attempt by Namco Bandai to bring the Tales series into the next-gen of gaming. After a lackluster PS2 outing with Abyss, Vesperia looked to correct the issues plaguing that title, and make it a must-buy for RPG owners who also own an Xbox 360.

Thankfully, all of the issues from Abyss have been rectified in this latest title. The load times are much improved (and nonexistent for the most part), the characters are great and relatable, and the game never feels like it was just phoned in with only its name to carry it afloat."

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TheMART3701d ago

Yes, the 360 is the new home of RPG's.

felidae3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

congratulations TheMART.

are you happy now?

btw game looks nice