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Blu-ray also has a higher data transfer rate -- 36 Mbps (megabits per second) -- than today's DVDs, which transfer at 10 Mbps. A Blu-ray disc can record 25 GB of material in just over an hour and a half.

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gaffyh3648d ago

People need to read this, it's very good

ShinMaster3648d ago

Blu-ray doesn't have to spin as fast as DVD to read the same content.
(same in less work)

RememberThe3573648d ago

But the fanboys will find(as they already have) something wrong with it. If your not a moron, give it a read, if you are a moron, just stop now and save yourself the headache.

dj_funky3648d ago

transformers on blu-ray is the best so far.. can't wait for iron man tuesday and then dark knight and incredible hulk.

Gothdom3648d ago

those and more, I just pre-ordered Futurama Bender's Game. Also, if you're a fan, Baraka is coming out on blu-ray at the end of october.

n4gzz3648d ago

I can't wait for Dark Knight. Got Transformer and wow with my kdl v4100 and bose sound hehe, that's the way you watch movies.

Shaka2K63648d ago

For being the only company that thinks ahead and puts nothing but the best technology in my goddly console Sony PS3.

Freezingduck3648d ago

OH god!!! that was the sweetest movie experience EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

tehReaper3648d ago

Going to pick up Transformers before the week is up.

But, Cloverfield on Blu-ray wasn't bad either.

Raoh3648d ago

LOL i'm going to bookmark that link and use it as a reference to crush the blu ray haters dreams, lies and misinformation

xg-ei8ht3648d ago

As ace ventura would say - Good Call

Blademask3648d ago

lol wow this is good.
"Buh buh..buh.."

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The story is too old to be commented.