Here is how COD has graphically evolved - Call of Duty 2 vs Call of Duty: WWII Screenshot Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is an interesting comparison screenshot. Our reader ‘Scott’ send us this image, showing the graphical evolution of the Call of Duty series. The top image is from Call of Duty 2, while the bottom image is from Call of Duty: WWII."

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red2tango265d ago

How about we wait for an actual in-game screenshot instead of comparing it to a trailer that will not resemble how it looks in-game?

Jon61586265d ago

I hate to say this (As I have stopped playing COD after Black Ops) but COD has always been a good game and not.too far off from the very first trailers.

mafiahajeri265d ago

I hate to say this... I have read your post many times but I still don't understand it...

mikeslemonade265d ago

You can't replicate this until you see it on your monitor or TV. Screens on a web page don't do it justice.

AnotherProGamer265d ago

there was some off-screen gameplay shown and it looked really good

mark_parch265d ago

to be fair to cod they usually look pretty must the same as the trailers they show and i don'y think this will be any different

MetroidFREAK21265d ago

They improve with each game, there is no question about it, but from AW-IW there hasn't been a major difference persay, however I do not play CoD or any other game for graphics.

265d ago