Overclock3D: XFX 9600GSO 384mb vs Sapphire HD4670 512mb Review

OC3D writes: "Life is so much easier when things are labelled correctly don't you think? A Sweater, XL for me please. A car, I'll take a 3.0i thank you very much. A mid range graphics, now I'm lost. You see, I honestly believe ATI and more to the point, NVidia, are slowly running out of numbers and letters to label their cards. So much so, in fact, that the mid range area of the GPU market is so muddled it is hard to separate the chaff from the wheat. Take the two cards up for review today - the 9600GSO and the HD4670 are both mid-range cards that don't follow suit in the general scheme of things, but instead spawn a new mid-high-mid range that only NVidia and ATI themselves can decipher. So as the dust settles at the top of the pile, a new war is waging in the bread and butter mid-range sector where both these cards are aiming to be top dog in their own department."

XFX 9600 GSO

The Good
- Amazing overclocking
- Copper cooling
- Great packaging
- Included game

The Mediocre
- 6-pin PCIe needed

The Bad
- Nothing to report

Sapphire HD4670

The Good
- Small
- No external power needed
- Good at high res

The Mediocre
- Aluminium Heatsink

The Bad
- Noisy fan

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