Neocrisis - Far Cry 2: Official Weapons List - We list the weapons for the Primary Slot, Secondary Slot, Special Slot and Mounted Weapons.

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tosh613362d ago

yea boyeeeee .50 cal, grenade launchers, lmgs, smgs, some good assault rifles, explosives... that's how we work it.

rushbd3362d ago

my god they almost had too much weapons :D

peowpeow3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

_/ \_

The Tour Man3362d ago

To be honest im not feeling this game. I dont know why, im a big fan of FPS's.

The Tour Man3362d ago

I wasnt trying to be negative or anything and it is my opinion, and not everyone should follow what I say. The game's got some great ideas, and have incredible graphics, it's just, I dont know. Maybe my opinon will chage when it gets closer to release.

J BO3362d ago

I am confuse of which game should I buy, this or dead space.could some one tell me?

rushbd3362d ago

I guess if you like them both you have to toss ;)

my personal choice is Farcry 2 :D

throwaway123453361d ago

I'd say Farcry 2, it looks pretty amazing.