Wipeout HD - How to avoid your console to crash

PS3 Vault has some possible helpful tips in order to prevent Wipeout HD crashing on your PS3.

1. Sort out your buddy list – It usually works if you have 50 friends or less.
2. Then delete both the "Wipeout game" game file plus the system key * Found in system data* .
3. Go to your download list, and then install the "Full Game Key" (100kb) File first.
4. Download "Wipeout hd" file.
5. After completion, install the game then, turn your Playstation 3 system off at the back of the console.
6. Disable the screensaver option, Found in settings, on the Playstation 3 XMB.
7. Launch the game, and hopefully your good to go."

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ExcelKnight3726d ago

Oh god, the screen saver crashes this game too?

You'd think they would've learned after Pure's problems.

gaffyh3726d ago

What was wrong with pure? (honestly asking).

I had no problems with Pure or Pulse on the PSP.

nickfr3726d ago

I've been playing the game for a few days now, not a single crash.. the game is really cool.
in fact I didn't see any report that it would crash a ps3, so is it a remedy against a MS-anti-campaign on a great game?

SaiyanFury3726d ago

I've been playing the game for over 4 hours and I've never had a problem. Maybe I'm in a minority, but as I said, I've never had a problem playing Wipeout HD. It loads and plays just fine. Then again, I don't have a huge roster of friends on my list.

grashopper3726d ago

They forgot run around the house three times and shout "PLEASE WORK!"

rroded3726d ago

maybe their just trying to play it on their xboxes ;)

speaking of which anyone here doing well online I've only got a few hours in n get my ass handed to me everytime lol.

Megaton3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Mine works fine, though I have a friend in the UK who's having problems. We couldn't get a game going with eachother last night cause his would crash whenever we started up a race online.

macalatus3726d ago

Yeah...I have the same problem too. I've played and loved the game, but unfortunately, I have yet to get into an online match as my system would crahs. I'm not in the mood to delete my friends list nor erase and reinstall the damn thing again. However, the best advice so far is from Sonarus, who said that we have to log out of PSN.

Hopefully Sony patches this thing up in the future.

mindedone3726d ago

But then again, I have no friends... :'(

MiloGarret3725d ago

Me too, seems that the "cure" is to be psn-unpopular, lol.

@above: Do you hate wipeoutHD? Why would you be giving out your psn-id on a random site when reading these types of articles!?!? Lol..

Homicide3726d ago

Bought it today. Great game. The visuals are great and the online is superb. I had no troubles with the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.