Top 10 Problems with Modern Games

The Golden age of video games saw its height in the 16 bit era where SNES and The Genesis were in a console war over who had the best games. SNES came out on top which we discuss in numerous articles on Old-Wizard, and stood as the most creative moment in the video game mediums small history. Where has the Golden age gone? It has gone to games that lack everything great about those old NES and SNES games. In this list, we will go through these reasons why the games of the modern era lack the power of the older generation. We could only hope that modern game makers realize the creative insurgence of the 16 bit era and try to recapitulate it for the next generation.

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Gamer luv3733d ago

i LOVE where moddern games are and heading,

if they were not what they are now, i doubt theyd be such a big addiction to so many people.

Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted bla bla bla.. u kno wot i mean.

imagine if we never had those games.

OldWizard3733d ago

dont think it necessarily means modern games suck...just that there's problems.

Peter Griffin3733d ago

the problem is we ALL grew up. we're not 10-13 anymore where video games were just hittin their mark. We grew, we matured, we're not as impressionable and naturally dont have as much time as we used to.

Stay tuned more family guy after this

Pebz3732d ago

We all "grew up" because we were forced to do so, not because it's natural mind you. Peer pressure always saying "grow up, become a contributor to society, no games and child stuff etc etc", but that's not what maturing is about at all.

Ever seen older animals, and more rarely, older humans that are still very playful, and at the same time very wise? That's maturing, becoming more, not trading aspects of one life stage with another, like playfulness for responsibility etc.

A fully matured person should be the playful child, the responsible adult and the wise old person all combined, not like many people we see today that might as well have been declared dead many years ago, sadly.

And the same can be applied to games really, they can resolve all the issues in the article, and still "mature" to next gen or what ever.

Our acceptance of the limits is the sustaining force of the limits.

Good article btw, very true.

bpac1234567893732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I agree with one thing he said, the older games where much harder. i remember playing Sega Genisis games, they where so suspenseful because everything hurt you, and if you made one wrong move you would die and have to start all over again. For example if you played earthworm Jim and got to the last level (which could take hours and than died you had to go all the way back to the begging of the game. (i never did beat the game and i still can't today.) you had to put hours into each level of those older games just to perfect your strategy. you had to make sure every move you made was perfect or you failed.

callahan093732d ago

"10. No good instruction manuals"

While I agree that a good instruction manual is a great thing, and while I agree that there is a serious lacking of good instruction manuals, there really are some great ones still. Mostly in games published by NIS and Atlus, though. The manual that came with the limited edition of Persona 3 was remarkable!

PotNoodle3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

That game started in that SNES era and is still going now, says alot about the franchise, eh?

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OldWizard3733d ago

but what's better? modern games or classics like pac-man and mario brothers?

INehalemEXI3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Ive appreciated the upgrades each gen has brought. The classics are great for nostalgia yet I enjoy the Geometry Wars and Super Stardusts HD if Im feeling like playing something 2D. LBP is great for that old platformer feel too. I wish you could do more though like a material that lets you run on the wall for Sack ninja type levels, A double jump, and ability to throw fire balls. (Ninpo ftw)

Edit: It was not I that disagree with your questions.

sneekstream3732d ago

Its just the fact that for most of us the snes is where we began gaming and obviously we find it more fun when you first start gaming. video games are still fun but its just that we have grew with the experience and know what to expect every console release. just imagine if gaming started with the ps3 and 360 everyone would think those were the days it just the way it is.

CrippleH3733d ago

Somebody is stuck in the past.

The article talks about character development.
There were barely any character development in games except for RPGS.

Fans got nothing to do with Golden Age.

Instruction manuals depends on the company and the older instruction manuals were bland also.

The focus on realism got a point though.

Want simplicity go play the Wii.

Focus on graphic is legit because it's the natural progression if not we'll be stuck with Nes. There's changing innovative gameplay now a days instead of side scrollers everywhere.

Sequels is a good argument but most people want sequels of games they love. If not Mario wouldn't be in every f***ing genre.

I like violence, games are not just for kids anymore.

OldWizard3733d ago

but to FOCUS on graphics at the expense of game play and storyline IS a problem.

Son of Odin3733d ago

and what's character development now? its that guy is so tough... kratos is a prime example. old games at least as cool characters.

CrippleH3733d ago

Lot of the games back then there the same thing also.

It takes a risky developer to create innovative gameplay.

Old school games were simplistic but fun yeah but when going to 3d things change.

Takes more different gameplay for 3d games.

Sure they can make a 3d isometric games but most isometric games are too similar.

Spore, LBP, HL2, Portal, and mirrors edge is changing genres for the better that's what is needed.

Son of Odin3733d ago

there are exceptions to every rule, but the majority of old games are "deeper" than the majority of newer ones.

Son of Odin3733d ago

i also agree about the focus on making games too realisitc.

Stoneroses63003733d ago

i'd love to see some new games like pac-man and Q*bert.

FreestyleBarnacle3733d ago

The problem with looking back like this is that you all, mich like people in every form of media, forget all the terrible cash-ins. NinjabreadMan, Carnival Games and all those movie tie ins will probably be forgotten in five years and only the likes of Metal Gear, Gears & God of War and LBP will be remembered. Or they could be eclipsed in the next year or so, if so great.
When I was a kid I managed to get hold of a NES. With it I got Mega Man 2 and Gremlins 2. No one ever points at Gremlins 2 as an example of the rubbish you used to get. Why don't we go all out and talk about how in your day all this was nothing but fields?

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RKRigney3733d ago

yeah the SNES was the best system ever...

Pain3732d ago

1# made on Holdback last gen pile o Sh1t PS3 Wanna be Junk M$ DVD player / space heater /PC parts jammed in a Case called a console.

GiantEnemyLobster3732d ago

Games (especially GTA IV) are being ruined on them trying to be too damn realistic. San Andreas was so much fun because you could do whatever you wanted really, GTA IV its like your stuck in a little cage with not much freedom to enjoy what the game really could have been.

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Stoneroses63003733d ago

Their bad addictions. Pleasure in the moment games. I agree wholeheartedly with this article.