Game Stooge Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Game Stooge writes: "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (SWFU) is a third-person shooter wherein you play the secret Apprentice of Darth Vader, tasked to hunt down and kill the last remaining rogue Jedi.

The story starts a few years before this on the planet Kashyykk, home of the Wookiees, where the player gets to play as Darth Vader and kill some nameless Jedi who happens to be assisting in the Wookiee uprising against the Empire. Vader is your introduction to the force in SWFU which you will be required to master in order to successfully beat the game. It's a pretty easy run too, since if Vader's health goes below zero nothing happens; he just keeps fighting giving you plenty of time to learn and play with Force Push (which sends a wave of energy out in front of your character), Force Grab (picking objects/people and moving/throwing them around), Lightsaber Throw, and Force Shield (make a little bubble around you and force all enemies back). Vader, however, can't shoot lightning from his hands. This prologue introduces us to the secret Apprentice as well, a small force sensitive child that Vader found and raised in secret. The rest of the game follows his story."

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