FDJV: Saints Row 2 gameplay

Gamersyde at FDJV writes:

"Saints Row 2 was at the Festival des Jeux Videos, and I noticed someone playing in a rather different but certainly funny mode, so enjoy this not so safe for work video :)"

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Gamer luv3704d ago

this should be aproved.

Sains Row was quite a success in my opinion.

lodossrage3704d ago

look at how the dude runs naked

I almost choked on my food when I first saw that

bunbun7773704d ago

pick it apart all you want but i bet 59.99 that i will have a lot of fun on this. do they pixelate your boobs if you have them?

LethalToxins3704d ago

Did they make this one multi-plat?

MA3LK3704d ago

Yea it is Xbox360, PC and PS3 on October the 14th