Bit-tech: Seagate FreeAgent|XTreme 1TB Review

Bit-tech writes: "It's true that you really can never have enough hard drive space; you bought that 500GB drive thinking "there is no way I'll ever fill this!" and then sure enough, six months down the line, it's clogged with game installs, TV episodes and your increasingly expanding MP3 collection.

Then there's the concern over the safety of your data – unless you're running a mirrored RAID array all your precious data could be gone in the event your hard disk decides to stop working. While there are plenty of back up methods, ranging from multiple drive NAS storage solutions to online backups, for most people these are either too expensive, too slow, or too complicated to setup.

This is where external drives like the Seagate FreeAgent|XTreme 1TB come in, providing a portable, easy to use external hard drive which packs enough storage, performance and connectivity options to fill most desktop storage needs."

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