PlayStation Plus June 2017 games list leaked for PS4 – Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2

From PlayStation Universe: "Two of the PlayStation Plus June games have been leaked. Check out the first details from PlayStation Turkey, and find out which PS4 games you'll be playing for free."

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Neonridr301d ago

Killing Floor 2 would be nice if this turns out to be true.

Nitrowolf2301d ago

I agree that's a pretty good and high-quality title if I must say.

I've been holding off on buying it for a while

Neonridr301d ago

yeah I played the first one a bunch on my PC. Was definitely enjoyable.

FITgamer296d ago

I'm personally looking more towards Life is Strange. I was just considering picking it up a few days ago.

XanderZane297d ago

Yes, a couple of quality PS4 games for the month of June. I already own Life is Strange, but I would love to try the Killing Floor 2.

Darkwatchman296d ago

Killing Floor 2 is a good time waster. It's also one of the best implementations of ps4 pro support to date with 3200x1800 native resolution using checkerboard rendering to achieve 4K output, higher average framerate than the base model, and higher quality textures across the board that match the PC version's max setting with the base model's texture quality being one notch below max

Majin-vegeta301d ago

Wow Killing floor 2 is aaesome.So many classes to choose from.Not to.mention it's gets free maps for updates

DashArrivals301d ago

Life Is Strange is a really good game... plus, easy Platinum for you filthy Trophy Whores out there ;-)

FullmetalRoyale297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

I finally got around to starting Life is Strange the other day. The end of one of the episodes - to the first third of the next episode totally caught me off guard by how hard it hit me. I actually had to stop playing for the day after I got through it, and watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Whew.
I definitely echo my friend's recommendation to play this. Just know it gets dark.

*To people who HAVEN'T played it, of course.

DashArrivals296d ago

I still listen to tracks from the sound track to this day. They're in my 'mix'.
If you like acoustic guitar tracks, the music is dope.

I know what you're talking about. It hit me as well. I read they're making a 'Life Is Strange 2'. I'm looking forward to that.

FullmetalRoyale296d ago

Dude, I couldn't even hold it together during that whole ordeal. I'd be embarrassed to admit it, if not for the fact that their intention was to gut punch you like that, and it is a testament to their storytelling prowess how much it messed with me.

J-DARKnes296d ago

I haven't opened my copy yet, was going to start the last guardian but going by what you said , the last guardian is going to have to wait.

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ghaleon1980296d ago

The feels! Yep, that's Life Is Strange all right!

Cmv38297d ago

Kf2 is awesome. But the community is soooooo low in numbers on ps4. Hopefully the rumor is true and more people get to play.

TheBeguiler297d ago

Yeah I agree. Its a really fun game, but theres such a small pool of players. Making it free could be just what it needs to get a jumpstart.

Perjoss297d ago

Hopefully theres a solo mode so we can at least have some fun with it if theres player shortage.

Majin-vegeta296d ago

There is you can play offline

Fist4achin296d ago

KF2 is not that good solo. Needs to be played with MP. Hopefully with ps+ it will bring a lot more to the community and there will be some life in it.

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