PS3Vault: LittleBigPlanet Beta Impressions

PS3Vault writer Gamoc gets his hands on the greatly desired LBP Beta, and he's not disappointed with what he finds.

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Tacki3398d ago


You heard it folks.

"It’s so awesome it’ll hump your leg."

DavidMacDougall3398d ago

Its LBP it will probably hug you after

tocrazed4you3398d ago

Ask you to stay the night

Area_513398d ago

Of playing the LBP beta I am here to tell you this game is epic. Two days of the beta I can not believe the amount and quality of levels being produce. This is 2 days of beta I don't have the #'s of people in right know...what maybe 10,000 I don't know. I get a headache when I think about when this game is release and you got millions making levels, wow just wow. Mark my words this game will be GOTY.