Tropico 5 - Complete Collection now available on Xbox One at a great price

Neil writes "You may have thought that the Penultimate Edition of Tropico 5 was all you ever needed in a dictator sim. But then along came a number of additional DLC packs to enhance your experience, requiring a further, rather considerable, cash outlay. Now though, Tropico 5 - The Complete Collection is available, and it's not just cheaper than buying the base game plus all the add-ons, it's cheaper than the initial title a hefty old margin."

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oKidUKo446d ago

Been waiting to get involved in this for a while, glad I waited now for the full package.

SlyBoogie1993446d ago

Great price, wish I had waited for this rather than buying all DLC seperate

TargusX446d ago

Always worth waiting for the collection - happens to us all thought mate

TargusX446d ago

Cool, might pick this up!

fiveby9446d ago

If only N4G story submissions included the region in the title.
This is UK. Glad for people but is not helpful for people in other regions.