Trusted Reviews: Panasonic ToughBook CF-F8 Preview

Trusted Reviews writes: "I'm currently sitting in the Panasonic Centre, in Tokyo, having just walked out of the global press conference for the ToughBook range. Regular readers will know that I quite like Panasonic's ToughBooks, since they offer a level of durability and reliability that other machines simply can't match. While the ToughBook Executive models, although not as indestructible as the fully rugged devices, still provide peace of mind for the notoriously clumsy, that other notebooks can't.

My favourite ToughBook Executive range was the Y Series, so I was therefore quite concerned when, prior to the press conference Panasonic let slip that the Y Series notebooks would no longer be available outside of Japan. Luckily, my fears were allayed when the press conference started and I found that the Y Series was being replaced by a completely new line, the F Series. First out of the gate in the new F Series is the CF-F8 which was launched today."

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