Little Big Planet In Both Retail And Digital Download?

According to this article by Reuters Sony will release the game, both as a retail disc and as a digital download, through PlayStation Network on Oct 21.

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Timesplitter143578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Interrresting. If I can't get it on day one or two, I may consider the download

thePatriot3578d ago

and not just that 21 is tuesday (I think). But if true, I will consider it. depending on the size and price.

UNCyrus3578d ago

This was a rumor. MM wanted to do this originally because they wanted to make their product accessible to as many people as they could on launch day. However, because of the sheer size of the game, demos and all, this was concluded to be impossible to have the store for digital download. The game itself takes up 50gb of the blu-ray disk and was just not feasible to be offered on the PSN.

jkoz3578d ago

If you reserve a copy at Gamestop then you'll have one on Day 1. It's not completely a corporate scandal, it actually does help out since you're guaranteeing yourself a copy... don't know why people worry about getting games still.

gaffyh3578d ago

Not true, the game is 40GB which would take forever to download, even for users with a great download speed.

mikeslemonade3578d ago

It just doesn't seem right to have a $60 digital download this soon. The game would be by far the most expensive item in the store.

DRUDOG3578d ago

BD for me. I like my games on disc if they cost the same. Can't trade in a d/l, right? Although I don't imagine that I'd be trading in LBP anytime soon. Seems as though the hype might be warranted since I've yet to hear anybody complain or make remarks about anything negative from beta participants (well...except some jealous other console fans...). Oct/Nov are going to rock, Fallout, LBP, Motorstorm, R2, etc. Man, I cannot wait...

plain rice3578d ago

You're forgetting EA's Head Coach game. 59.99

UNCyrus3578d ago

EA's head coach is $49.99... not $59.99... get your facts straight

barom3578d ago

MM has already confirmed that there won't be a PSN version. So that's that.

plain rice3577d ago

Damn my bad. 49.99. lol Still the most expensive game though.

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Kyo3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Didn't Mm say the game will take 40Gb of a dual-layer BD? How are they going to deal with that if it's going to be downloadable through PSN? I don't think this rumor is true.

Parapraxis3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )


Reuters is wrong, end of story.

czero153578d ago

well we gonna have to wait and see until oct.21

sinncross3578d ago

I thought it was announced as both?

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