World premier exclusive gameplay footage of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising on PS3Life

The site PS3Life got exclusive video gameplay footage taken on the 'Firstlook' event. Hell i can't even say anything more, this game looks beautiful and outstanding. so watch the movie quick !

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W RICKKKY3367d ago ShowReplies(4)
Zip3367d ago

if this game only matches the orginale ofp concept mmm

bomboclaat_gamer3367d ago

the first was was good too. i hope this one goes well

sonarus3366d ago

WHOOPIE another shooter. I can't wait to play this game so i can run around and shoot whatever i feel like /sarcasm

WTF where are the awesome action adventure, awesome platformers, awesome team ico sh1t. Lets not forget about god of war. Where the hell are the games that don't involve running around and shooting

ChampIDC3366d ago

There's a lot non-shooters coming out much sooner than this game. Chill out, bud.

kwicksandz3366d ago

The previous flashpoint wasnt another quake 3 or cod clone. It is a thinking mans game with actual strategy, loadouts, squad leadership and movement to consider.

I just hope it isnt dumbed down for console.

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Ben10543367d ago

first look,
ive seen this game before
it was like the second vid not the first

heyheyhey3367d ago

the more tactical the better, this game is definitely on my radar

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TheColbertinator3367d ago


Yeah I am a huge fan of ultra-realistic military shooters and OFP looks very good

@W Rickkky

You wont be missed XD

Crazyglues3366d ago

I can't wait... just did a post on this in the forums -!!...

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Harri44443367d ago

wow this game has real potential

ChampIDC3366d ago

Yeah, too bad that gameplay vid was so short. I was looking forward to seeing what the game actually plays like.

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