VGChartz: Wipeout HD review

Torillian from VGChartz writes: "Overall, Wipeout HD is a fantastic example of what a PSN title can be. The gameplay is fast and fun, the visuals are amazing, and the custom soundtrack allows you to pick your own tunes while playing if you don't care for the game's inherent soundtrack. At 20 dollars it is quite a steal, and worth every penny."

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Tidus113362d ago

haha I was thinking the same thing... they must have just started.

gaffyh3362d ago

Lol yeah I was like "since when did VGChartz start reviewing games?", then I though probably cos they'll soon be out of business cos of the Gfk, Enterbain, NPD team-up

hotshot1273362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

vgcharts editor: "sh!t they're catching on to us that our numbers are complete bullsh!t and were losing hits"

editor 2: "what are we going to do!...."

vgcharts editor: "oh i know, lets put up some reviews for games"

yea sorry but vgcharts isn't reliable for numbers and im sure as hell not going to pay attention to there reviews. they probably just gave wipeout hd a 90 because everyone else is and they don't want to come off as jokes with there first review...

EDIT: don't get me wrong, i'm not questioning the quality of wipeout hd but i'm specifally just talking about vgcharts....

Why o why3362d ago

no need now because you already have

shysun3362d ago

The game is that good though.

3362d ago
frakkel3362d ago

I doubt that anyone can finish the campaign mode in 4-5 hours. Plus with all the trophies to collect there is a lot more time needed.
BTW compared to stardustHD I think wipeout HD is much more difficult regarding collecting the trophies. 20 perfect zones, 50 zones only with airbrakes etc.

paracardium3362d ago

try getting all golds in campaign mode..let alone the zone modes.These guys are gimp.

prunchess3362d ago

I will absolutely not stop playing this game until I get all those gold trophies. I love this game. Stunning graphics, great game-play\control and cheap to boot! What a bargain. Very happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.