LittleBigPlanet: Halo 3 Finish The Fight

GameXtract writes "This is what happens when gamers fuse their favorite games together. While I can't particularly see Halo 3, and LittleBigPlanet fusing together well, one creator has gone through with it, and created his very own Halo 3: Finish the Fight level. In the video below, Sackboy is wearing a green costume to imitate Master Chief, and as your playing the level, the Bungie song kicks giving it the extra effect. The Warthog vehicles I have to admit are pretty nifty, and while you won't be necessarily kicking alien ass, this is definitely one of the better levels in the beta so far. Be sure to finish the fight if you have access to the beta, or watch the video after the jump!"

Video after the jump

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The gaming GOD3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

We all knew this was coming sooner or later.

But seriously, Good F'n Job. It's like you can make almost anything with LBP.

And this is only the beta. Just imagine what people will do with the FULL set of tools and customizations

thePatriot3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Im glad to see how close you can come to what u want to recreate with sound. It really sounds like Halo. level design is boring but the warthog is nicely detailed and recognizeable, a bit slow. I dont think a lot of time he put into this. It coud be his first attempt. here is a good idea put
edit: accidentaly posted without finishin(look below)

nbsmatambo3703d ago

all i have to say is wow...just wow


1 more month!!

Xelai3703d ago

What is amazing is a PS3 user making a homage to Halo 3 hehe.

And he is Spanish, cool.

SolidSnake933703d ago

Yeah this is great, my favorite thing about it was the music.

CrazzyMan3703d ago

@Xelai, so you`re saying that a Halo Fan can`t have a PS3? =))

Of`course it`s a PS3 user, LBP is available ONLY on PS3. But ALSO he is probably and a Halo fan. =)


The gaming GOD3703d ago

Yeah I thought that's what he was implying at first too.

But I don't that he meant it in that way.

Xelai3703d ago

Come on you look too much into comments, its just a funny remark.

A bit of homuor please! ;-)

Cenobia3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

@ThePatriot: He clearly just put the sound in after the fact. There is no way you could re-create sound to that detail in the LBP Beta. The best you could do is something like the Piano Level.

This guy just edited in his own audio after.

There may be some sort of advanced audio creator in the full version, but even then recreating a full symphony orchestra is going to be a bit...well, impossible.

The game is awesome though. I'm loving creating levels.

leyego3703d ago

the warthog was awesome but the level in general sucks.

"The Warthog vehicles I have to admit are pretty nifty, and while you won't be necessarily kicking alien ass, this is definitely one of the better levels in the beta so far."

AHHHH NO. not by a long shot.

Bnet3433703d ago

This video made me cry. One of my favorite games on my soon to be favorite game. FVCKING EPIC.

NDN_Shadow3703d ago

It's just the Halo 3 theme. The best you'll be able to do with the music is the music box sound or piano from the Tetris and Piano levels. I highly doubt you're gonna recreate an entire orchestra using LBP. Open your eyes a bit, it's this kind of narrow minded fanboyism that makes PS3 owners look bad.

uie4rhig3702d ago

defo agree.. man.. can't wait to play it..

about this level.. not what i'd call the best level, can definitely be improved, but quite a cool level...

prowiew3702d ago

mmm. I hope people can make things better that what im seeing. This and the mario level ive seen, i dunno, not looking at something i would play more than once. It seems that this game will be the king of youtube videos. I will give it more time to see if lbp convinces me. But of course, I already preorder it.

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tmanmushroom3703d ago

That was cool how he incorporated a Halo stage into LBP with warthogs and stuff!

cleanhealthy123703d ago

good to create but boring ass hell to play

Asphyxiate3703d ago

Yet another inspiring level. The warthogs looked awesome!

Lou-Cipher3703d ago

The title should be: HALO NOW ON PS3 haha just kidding

RonDeMuerte3703d ago

It looks, sounds, and plays better than the actual Halo 3 game....

GiantEnemyLobster3703d ago

I guess littlegayplanet sucks so much that users are so bored with it, they are starting to make it more like Xbox 360, the superior console!

Hey PStards, if you want an Xbox 360 so bad, just buy one! You don't need to bring all of our cool items onto your little gaystation 3 ;)

Laexerias3703d ago

The superior Console.. right? AN Xbox 360... :)
Uhm yeah... We.. Sony... dont need a new Bundle of a Console with slithly better hardware everytime.
Why do the Xbox needs one? Because, they know they made a crappy piece of garbage which cant stand for 1 year without making errors.
Jeez you know why there are so many Xbox 360 sold in America?
Because, when they get the RRoD, the Americans still buy anotherone..
for what reason.. Because its american. Yeah thats stereotype, but so true. :D
Dont know if u are a European or American, but i still dont care, you are garbage, like your favorite console.. oh and wait, i do own that crappy piece of sh!t, for one reason, the games.
I hate that console that badly, but i cant do anything that there are games im interested in.
And you know why i hate the console? Because of scum like you.
And the fact that the console could burn my house eventually.

theKiller3703d ago

no one wants to buy a heater instead of a console!! and if u buy it as a heater then i must says its an expansive heater!!

but if it can cook as well than thats a different story and i might buy it!!

so bots can the 360 heat and cook as well??

Stryfeno23703d ago

But, but, but Halo suck....Yeah? Is that so.

LikAChicken3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

sorry giant enemy lobster, but you sound like you have no life
you sound like your advertising for XBox 360 but I doubt your getting paid. Do yourself a favor just play your games and appreciate the industry as a whole. If you really want to show your love for the 360 you'll play it rather than bash another console.

dukadork3703d ago

halo sux huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge ballz
LBP owns halo, lol

steck673703d ago

@patch, Halo does suck, your point?

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SolidSnake933703d ago

Halo 3 no longer exclusive?

TheSadTruth3703d ago

Thanks, we didn't know that.

It still needs a lot of work imo, but has good potential.

N4Flamers3703d ago

can you imitate a game thats been out for a year.

sorry I hate fanboys.
I wish people were more like this user. A fan of both systems and unbiased. It shows cuz he didnt make any rrod references.

The level looked cool, I mean the explosions did, but Im sure this is his first attempt. He needs to polish this a little make it longer, throw in some enemies, but I liked it.

BTW I think LBP is an awesome game, Im glad people are using it to play the things they want to play regardless of console.

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