RIP To These 6 IPs That Are Probably Dead This Generation

A tearful goodbye to IPs that will be sorely missed.

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madhouse0259d ago

So gutted that Fable is dead. I really wanted Fable 4... like, maybe a full reboot rather than more modern times.

Fearmonkey58d ago

me too! it was the game I would have bought an Xbox One for.

CitizenFour58d ago

It may not be dead forever.. Phil just recently went on record about it. Considering MS own the IP, they could eventually give it to another studio to work on.

"Some fans took to twitter to ask Microsoft’s Phil Spencer whether or not we would be getting the fourth installment of the Fable franchise anytime soon. While Spencer confirmed that there is nothing to announce just yet, he did tease that we probably be seeing Fable again. Eventually."

XXanderXX59d ago

How can Scalebound be missed if it never happened or released .

The 10th Rider58d ago

I always wonder this when people are upset that certain games get cancelled. I can understand if it's in a case like the Darth Maul Star Wars game and Star Wars 1313, as both of those got canned because of the Disney buyout, but most games that are cancelled are cancelled because something just isn't working out.

annoyedgamer58d ago

Deus Ex and Hitman were canned because Sq Enix is greedy and demands a huge payout. There was absolutely nothing wrong with those two games.

The 10th Rider57d ago

I'm talking about games that are actually in development for a period of time before being cancelled.

If a game has been in development for years and simply isn't taking shape, there's a good chance there's serious issues with it and things aren't working out the way they should.

Fishy Fingers59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Unsure how you 'sorely miss' an IP you never got to play/experience. If you could then there are plenty much more interesting looking titles than Scalebound that never saw the light of day.

Some of the actual established IPs in there that one might ACTUALLY miss will likely not see another release this gen sure, but will more than likely return in the next and with ever shortening console gens the wait shouldn't be much longer if at all.

gangsta_red59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I guess you can miss something that looked promising and Scalebound had that promise to being something cool.

But who knows, it could have been balls out bad. We'll never know....

Fishy Fingers59d ago

I assume it got cancelled for a reason and I very much doubt that reason was it was shaping up to be something great.

Personally, didn't remotely interest me from the off but sure others probably thought differently, but again 'solely missed'? No. Included so they could put it in the thumbnail? Probably.

Goldby58d ago


PG wanted to it stay focused on the SP side, Ms wanted them to focus on the MP and that was causing issues

gangsta_red58d ago


Do you have a link for that, because I never knew that was the case?

princejb13458d ago

Scalebound was over hype period. The only cool part to me was that a dragon follows you around, everything else was bad. The gameplay looked so boring and clunky.

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XanderZane58d ago

Platinum games missed several of their contractual time table agreements. Microsoft. wasn't going to pay them anymore because of this. Platinum Games promised something in a certain time and couldn't deliver it, hence Microsoft cancelled the project. It's pretty obviously the game probably wasn't even going to release in 2017. Still, M$ owns the IP and could still make a game out of it in the future.

After Evolution Studio's DriveClub flop, Sony also decided they didn't want anymore games from them and termination their contact. Who is going to miss a DriveClub 2? Will Polyphony be the next racing game studio to go?

Rangerman120859d ago

Isn't there a rumor that Microsoft renewed Scalebound's IP with a different team?

JayPi359d ago

Microsoft renewed the IP, but they haven't said anything about another team working on it yet.

Lord_Sloth59d ago

Which could simply mean they wish to keep it away from others in case they decide to do something with it a few years down the road.

Sciurus_vulgaris59d ago

MS did not renew the Scalebound IP, the company renewed the trademark.

XanderZane58d ago

Doesn't mean they couldn't renew the IP in the future though.

obidanshinobi58d ago

Nah, they continued the trademark "Scalebound" recently, but that's just to stop other people using the name.

_-EDMIX-_58d ago

Renewed the trademark, not IP.

You don't renew IP's...

Nivekki58d ago Show
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