The Witcher Show's Geralt Will Have Similarities With CDPR's, But Director Will Take His Own Path

The Witcher Netflix show director Tomasz Bagiński elaborated in a new interview how the show's Geralt will differ from CDRP's take on him

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Gridknac175d ago

And that's the reason film adapted from video games suck. Stick with the source material. Nobody wants your spin on things.

thekhurg175d ago

Netflix does some good stuff though. There's still a great opportunity here.

TC731175d ago

Netflix will turn The Witcher's world into an SJW's wet dream.

Lon3wolf175d ago

And that's why they are adapting from the book and not the game.

cfc83175d ago

The witcher is a book collection first.

Omnisonne175d ago

Still though, If they deviate too much from either the book or games, seeing as those are very popular, a lot of people are probably going to feel some disconnection with it. Then for it to be a success, it'll have to rely on bringing in new people/fans.

It happens to nearly all adaptations, only a handful have done that well enough

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InMyOpinion175d ago

This show already exists. It's called The Bastard Executioner, and it's not very good...

174d ago