Beyond Far Cry 2 : Looking Back, Moving Forward

Far Cry 2 was one of the most ambitious AAA titles of 2008's holiday season - but what did it actually accomplish? Gamasutra reflects with Ubisoft Montreal narrative designer Patrick Redding.

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Mikefizzled568d ago

I will defend this game till the day I die. It was different to anything else I'd played and it offered a very different story to anything I've played since. Little bits of repetition creeped in but i was thoroughly engrossed throughout.

JEECE568d ago

Same. The Far Cry games since have improved in some areas, but have also become far more hand-holdy. 2 had a feel they've never quite recaptured, and unfortunately, no games seem to go for anymore.

Mikefizzled568d ago

Yeah, it felt a little raw. For better and for worse. Static save locations, gun jamming/exploding, malaria and bloody aggressive drivers. Anything since feels a little easy.