Older FFXIII screenshot confirmed to be real time

Around ten seconds of real-time footage from Final Fantasy XIII was shown on TV in Japan, and confirmed that an older screenshot released to the public a while ago is indeed real-time.

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Adriana Lima3730d ago

and show us something new.

theKiller3730d ago

White Night chronicles is on the same bar if not higher than FF13!!
they showed us in-game screens but this is just some videos from in-game of FF13!!

FF13 will have to prove to as that FF13 will be worth it and that it used the advantage of blue ray and cell! because if they dump the game down just so they can release it on 360 then WNC will steal the hype that FF13 will get!!

mfwahwah3730d ago


White Knight Chronicle is going to be great, but you highly underestimate the words "Final Fantasy." Those 2 words have the ability to sell a million copies a week, no matter the quality.

cyguration3730d ago

This game will be delayed like twenty times and will never lose steam. In a way, that kind of makes me want to play it.

iMad3730d ago

360 will handle it. Where is the power of the CELL?

PirateThom3730d ago

Making games instead of downloadable content for GTAIV, I'm guessing.

Common Sense3730d ago

Looking for oil
Powering Roadrunner- 2nd most powerful computer in the world (1st is the human brain).
Running Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank,MotorStorm, LBP,WipeOut HD, Socom Resistance 2, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain,White Knight Chronicles, GOW3, MAG and FFVXIII.

La Chance3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

those who stil believe in the "power of the Cell".

PS3 games were suppposed to look at least 4 x better than 360 games.The best looking PS3 game is coming out in 2009 (the 5 year in devellopment and 60 million dollar KZ2) , 2 years after its launch and and looks 0.5 times better than the UE3 powered Gears 2.

FF13 was supposed to bo possible ONLY on PS3 thanks to the "power of the Cell" lol remember that guys ?.

So was DMC4 , RE5 , Assasins Creed , Haze (FR sure took advantage of PS3 hardware allright!).Most of time "power of the Cell" is an excuse to keep a 3rd party game a PS3 exclusive.

Lionsguard3730d ago

You're an idiot they already said the 360 version is going to be compromised so it can fit on the dvd. This has nothing to do with the cell. Enjoy your watered down half-assed version.

dukadork3730d ago

FFXIII has little to do with the CELL, but it has everything to do with blu-ray.

xb!tches who are getting it on DVD9 are the dumbest full of sh!t gamers on earth cuz it's one thing to whine like pussies that blu-ray isn't good for games when the only thing you play is halo but when you're into FFXIII and you're ready to butcher it onto DVD9


ShinMaster3730d ago

Square-Enix clearly said:

"We'll TRY to keep the XBOX 360 version CLOSE to the PS3 version".

mfwahwah3730d ago


So Killzone 2 only looks half as good as Gears 2? I think you just lost a lot of credibility there.

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Fishy Fingers3730d ago

Believeable, the screen doesn't show me anything that the current gen couldn't handle.

Plus FF generally have turn based fighting which usually revolves around pre-orchestrated movement.

Rock Bottom3730d ago

FF lost its turned based fighting two games ago, but yeah, we've seen better graphics.

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