PI: Civilization IV: Colonization Review

PI Writes:

"Imagine a turn-based Settlers meets a turn-based Transport Tycoon with an American history wrapper. If that doesn't make you go "Mmmm!" this isn't the game for you. You're going to have to wrap your head around a lot of detail in this remake, crammed as it is with persnickety economic optimization. The constant question is "who goes where?" with gameplay based largely on putting specific colonists in specific towns to do specific things. Where will I send this converted native? What will my new colonist study at the university? What kind of immigrant will I get next? Who will ride out to scout the natives? Jamestown needs an expert fisherman so the elder statesmen can preach independence. Hey, Europe, quit sending me petty criminals! It's a classic case of having to make interesting decisions -- and it's a great hook, because it's about people (and, yes, you can name them)."

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