PI: Wipeout HD Review

PI Writes:

"As a downloadable title -- and one that's a steal at $20 -- Wipeout HD sets the bar for both quantity and quality. First, it's gorgeous. When you think of downloadable games, you're probably programmed to think of new-school 2D platformers or straight-up retro ports -- neither of which push the hardware. Prepare to have your expectations shattered when you first glimpse Wipeout HD's high-tech menus, comprised of sleek tabs superimposed against a sweeping 3D wire-frame racetrack undulating in the background. When you finally take to the tracks themselves, it's immediately apparent -- from a visual standpoint -- that these aren't merely the PSP tracks pumped up to 1080p. Everything, from the track detail to the ship designs to the little pilots in the cockpits, has been reworked from the ground up to take full advantage of the hardware. The action moves so fast that you'll rarely have a chance to scrutinize the game's every detail, though you'll be able to do so postrace via the game's Photo mode; this allows you to position the camera and adjust lighting, contrast, and aperture (and enhance other visual effects), and you can download the resulting shot to your PS3 as high-res wallpaper or even e-mail it to your friends. The fact that everything moves at a blistering 60 frames per second, even in the 8-player online mode, helps keep your mind on making the synaptic, instinctive reflex decisions necessary to stay at the head of the pack."

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