Before Life Is Strange, DONTNOD Created One Of The Best Game Worlds

"Remember Remember Me? You might not. DONTNOD Entertainment’s first title was a cyberpunk action-adventure game that was published by Capcom. So basically, the polar opposite of Life Is Strange." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Relientk77486d ago

I want a Remember Me 2 so bad. Seriously the most underrated and overlooked game of last generation for me. Absolutely loved it

brettnll486d ago

It was definitely a sleeper hit

slasaru01486d ago

I don't know. It was too... French for me

NotSoMad486d ago

I wanna see this game rebooted to how DONTNOD really wanted the full game to pan out tbh. From what was revealed they couldn't fully realize what they wanted with the game. Hell, maybe that is why they got the premise for Max's power in Life Is Strange.

_-EDMIX-_486d ago

I feel like this is a game that just needed better funding and direction.

It had the bones to really be something big and this is where budgeting and funding can really hurt a game.

I'd love to see that concept with a little more time, focus and clearly funding for said time.

I3loggs24486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Remember Me is such an underated game.

FallenAngel1984486d ago

Me remembers Remember Me.

It was a great PS+ game

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The story is too old to be commented.