PI: Samba de Amigo Review

PI Writes:

"Once you crack the first set of hard-difficulty stages in Career mode (only about an hour into the game, if you skip the overly simple easy mode and start playing on normal), it's clear that Samba de Amigo just isn't the true next installment fans were hoping for -- despite the bright, inviting veneer. This version contains most of the Dreamcast tracks, with a few dozen new ones to fill out the selection. Beat tracking's easy to understand, at least; floating spheres move outward toward six circles that represent where you need to shake your maracas (high, middle, or low). But what felt charmingly offbeat at the beginning of this decade now feels slightly outdated, even with spruced-up visuals. Perhaps it's due to circumstance: Rhythm games have come a long way thanks to the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band."

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