Game consoles stored in Gamestop bathroom

Engadget reports: "On a serious note, we're telling ourselves that there's just no way this happens in even a meaningful amount of Gamestop locations, but more than anything, the video waiting just after the break is for chuckles and chuckles alone. Apparently, one quick-thinking videographer-to-be captured a few stacks of Xbox 360s and PS3s in the store bathroom. Yes, the store bathroom. So the Gamestop-sourced console you're playing on right now could have all sorts of restroom-related germs on it. Yikes."

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riddlesticks3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

lol... nice pic

seriously though, wtf is with Gamestop in the US... here in UK Gamestop seems to be ok, although i don't shop there that often.

whoelse3731d ago

There is no such thing as Gamestop in the UK.

You must be getting mixed up with either GAME or Gamestation (now owned by GAME).

Lucreto3731d ago


Gamestop is in the UK and Ireland. I bought my Wii and MGS4 there.

Heres a link

EnglishPatriot3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

There is no such thing as Gamestop in the UK. That link you provided is Irish now try and find a UK link.

Zyklon-Breath3731d ago

Northern Ireland is part of the UK.

Lucreto3731d ago

I had another look and I didn't find a web site. I assumed that if its in Ireland it was in the UK first.

There is one test store in the UK in 2006 but the link I provided before in the about up section says

In 2003 Gamesworld were approached by GameStop to engage in a transaction that saw a controlling interest purchased by GameStop. GameStop currently operate 48 stores in Ireland and 7 in the United Kingdom.

riddlesticks3731d ago

i live in the UK and there is a Gamestop just out side Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast...

here is a link to a competition they are doing:


(just to prove it exists lol)

Peter Griffin3731d ago

sweet u mean i can sit on the john and game at the same time?

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DarkBlood3731d ago

you know i always get confuse when you guys say gamestop till i reliase your talking about eb games lol man i didn't even notice the word gamestop lol on the booklet to figure it out till then

RufustheSage3731d ago

Hmm. . . .I guess the secret is out.
It's not like we do the deed on the console, it's just the only safe place to put them since the bathroom is always locked. The bathroom has selves put up to hold the consoles too, they're never on the floor unless there's a back stock. PS2 on the other hand sit out in the open when you walk into the back room.

dericb113731d ago

I worked there once and the answer is they do and will continue to do it sadly.

strotee3731d ago

I reported this as Lame.

While it's not something Gamespot would want the public to know, these are gaming consoles, not medical supplies or food. Is there any evidence this is done on a company-wide basis or just one store?

riddlesticks3731d ago

fallout 3 FTW

(your avatar)


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