'It's Like Dark Souls' Needs To Die writes:

''Look, I like Dark Souls.  I love Bloodborne and I even like Demon Souls. Knowing any given enemy can take me out is wonderful. Each encounter has a sense of threat, my attacks carry purpose. My mistakes have consequences, often a swift death.''

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UCForce64d ago

Yeah, that trend is getting old.

Krysis63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

What's wrong with using Dark Souls as descriptive term, it let's gamers know what kind of game they are getting into, which may not be there cup of tea. There is no genre defining title for those kind of hardcore brutal RPG type games. And judging by the disagrees most people share my opinion.

CP_Company64d ago

this trend never will get old.but i agree that game technical part is way off,they need to implement good graphics engine and do not be a buggy mess.also,go to Nioh side of the combat,where you can have many moves,combos and etc.,this game did not grow itself by game design.

Brazz64d ago

Buggy mess!? We are talking aboult dark souls and bloodborne here sir... not some bathesda buggy games like skyrim and fallout.

Paytaa64d ago

Bloodborne and DS3 look gorgeous what are you talking about? They aren't buggy messes either lol.

Also, Souls game design is exceptional in my eyes. Will never get enough of Souls games. They're not for everyone though.

PixelGateUk64d ago

wait, no one is talking about the games themselves, just the overused descriptive term that often overlooks each game's differences and merits:? Dark Souls has some amazing visuals and top notch art direction

EddieNX 63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Masterpieces. Criticising souls is the equivalent of criticising the The Godfather.

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TheROsingleB64d ago

Yeah but... what if the game IS like Dark Souls? How else would you describe it? 2D side scrolling platformers always get compared to "Mario", "Mega Man" or even the term "Metroidvania" which just lazily combines 2 games, so how is this different? People know what Dark Souls is and how the game play works, so making that comparison shouldn't be an issue.
Souls fans just need to chill instead of being butt hurt over nothing.

Emperor63d ago

I've seen many 2D side-scrolling games refered to as 'like Dark Souls' or '2D Dark Souls'. They are nothing like Dark Souls.

admiralvic63d ago

@ Emperor

"They are nothing like Dark Souls."

This really depends on what you're trying to explain. I've said Spelunker HD (2d side-scrolling platformer) is like Demon's Souls, since it uses the same principles. It's harsh, but fair, there is no handholding, you're punished for doing anything incorrectly, there are a lot of tricks meant to throw you off, the best way to play is cautiously and so forth. I also see the term more commonly used in terms of what the Souls series does, instead of just a third person, 3D, action RPG that also has these things.

@ The article

I can see disliking it, but it's easier to say "it's like Dark Souls," than to explain all these elaborate mechanics and how all these things work. Especially since the average gamer could probably conceptualize "like Dark Soul's," but a platformer with greater accuracy than me saying "Spelunker is a game that has countless mechanics that seem unfair and cheap, but have tricks to overcome. One of my favorite is the jumping lizard, which has four distinctly different jumps, but only the third one is long enough to get past without dying. By incorporating these elements it makes for gaming that is tricky, but tricky in a way that someone can overcome."

But I digress. Nothing anyone says will stop people from comparing remotely similar things for the reasons I just explained.

SinkingSage63d ago

It's an action RPG, that's how you describe it.

Bahamut63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Only for people who suck at the games.

TXIDarkAvenger63d ago

It's the best way to describe certain games. So tired of people trying to play off Nioh as some thing other than a Dark Souls-like game.

_-EDMIX-_63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

OH I progress must end?

So if someone is making a game that is hard but rewarding, they should not make it because UCForce said so huh?

Souls has revolutionized an genre, to say its "like Souls" has become a normal thing because Souls has pioneered that concept.

We got lots of games that released after RE4 that would state "Its RE4 like " to describe a game, that is a good thing that a game was able to effect the market in such a way that many developers are finding new ways to enter and play with that genre.

We wouldn't even have Gears Of War the way we know it if it wasn't for RE4.

So basically you are asking for folks who have ideas for games that fit this genre, to not market it as such and or not even make the game at all.


Makes no sense and I don't see how that benefits anyone.

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64d ago
xtheblackparade64d ago

Brainstorm a new genre name, that helps. Right now there's no name for a game like dark souls outside of action rpg, but it's nothing like most action rpg's.

morganfell63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

What the writer of this piece never bothers to acknowledge is that it was the leeches, the succubi, the remora of our hobby that started and promoted the trend of "Its like Dark Souls..." and they are the ones that continue to perpetuate this fad. The press. It is laughable that he says "We've been peppered with claims" when it is people like him, the very enemies of gamers everywhere that are responsible for the peppering.

Let me break it down for you gameraven.

"Its like anything from supposed game press needs to die." I am not saying monikers from the game press need to die. No, that is your bit. I am saying the people that call themselves the press, from IGN down to Bart's Farts Gaming needs to disappear. The press and their whiny self entitled attitude, the supposed reviews that are nothing more than someone screaming they didn't get what they wanted, the click and ego driven articles have had the worst impact on our hobby possible. The press have contributed nothing while taking so much from us, from gamers. I can think of a lot of things the press have done to our industry that are far worse than creating a label for games.

When a site generates a several pages detailed and objective explanation specifying how they review, to what they award weight and for what they subtract, when they demonstrate how their editor in chief strains the infection of ego and self want from the review, and then they adhere to said review process perhaps I will consider the validity of an article complaining about an epithet.

PixelGateUk63d ago

Could you be any more melodramatic?

'What the writer of this piece never bothers to acknowledge is that it was the leeches, the succubi, the remora of our hobby that started and promoted the trend of "Its like Dark Souls..." and they are the ones that continue to perpetuate this fad. The press.' That is mentioned to be fair.

Now if you excuse me, i apparently have to sit upon a throne made from the bones of gamers according to yourself

morganfell63d ago

I could be more melodramatic but I felt the ground I covered was sufficient. As an individual that represents an industry (not gaming, gaming press writes about an industry in which they do not work) which has shown a special kind of propensity in making mountains out of molehills, your labeling of my post as melodramatic is the height of hypocrisy.

DChaundy63d ago

Randy Pitchford, is that you?

SilverDemon63d ago

There is a name already
Souls games

SinkingSage63d ago

It is like other action RPG's, difficulty is not genre defining.

Articuno7664d ago

So, what you're saying is that anyone that uses the phrase 'it's like Dark Souls' need to 'Prepare to Die'? :D

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