Dissidia Downloadable Content A Possibility?

Square Enix have announced that Dissidia: Final Fantasy will have a roster of only 20 characters, which will be comprised of two from each game in the series between Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy X. Each game will only have one protagonist and one antagonist present, which could leave some fans feeling a little bit peeved, as some games had more than one solid candidate for inclusion.

Final Fantasy Union discuss why the inclusion of downloadable content could make Dissidia an even more successful title in the eyes of Final Fantasy fans.

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Selyah3701d ago

It is certainly a possibility, but whether they'll devote time to doing it is another thing. I like the idea though.

DarkBlood3701d ago

man its going to be tough then to choose seprioth or cloud or the main character from 8 which i do not remeber the name are they going to include some characters from the later ff series that i wonder

mephman3701d ago

You mean Squall (From FFVIII)?

They've set the cap at Final Fantasy X, but there were rumours earlier in the year about Final Fantasy XII being included as a bonus.

ExcelKnight3700d ago

It's actually interesting... This is a 20th anniversary special game, yet they only cover the first 16 years worth of games. There are noteworthy NPCs in FFXI and FFXII that are being completely ignored, not to mention a couple spinoff games that many people deem worthy enough to be included (Tactics, notably).

DLC and unlockables are the only way to go from this point forward, so let's see.

TheColbertinator3701d ago

Good way to add more characters from the series.Personally,I want Auron to become an added character later on so I like this idea

Reibooi3700d ago

Honestly I see Dissidia as a game that is simply testing the waters. Square is trying to see how much demand there would be for a "Final Fantasy Fighter" If it's successful you can bet that a sequel will have ALOT more characters. I would also say that if there is a sequel it may end up on PS3 instead of PSP. Sure there is a chance for downloadable characters for the game and whatnot but I would think a sequel with a ton more characters is more likely.

[email protected]3700d ago

Exactly... especially with this new battle system implemented on this game. Not as happen with Eigeinz on the PSNone era ^^

mephman3700d ago

At the time I thought Ehrgeiz was awesome.... with hindsight, it wasn't so awesome.