Soulja Boy Wants To Make Video Games

AH:In his latest video blog, Soulja Boy states he wants to go to College! "I Want To Learn More About Life. I Want To Get Into Video Game Designing" I don't know about the everybody else but I'm not sure if I would buy a Soulja Boy designed game. We'll see what happens.

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SullyDrake3726d ago

This is a monumentally epic fail like none before.

PimpHandStrong3726d ago

sure he does

and when he is asked to work 16 hours a day to finish that code for the game his team is working on he will pick up his gold cell phone, call some strippers, and walk the FUK out

PimpHandStrong3726d ago

im all about ppl learing things over the short amount of time we have on this planet

so if he does go back to school for knowledge then big ups to him

i doubt it will happen!

maybe he will take creative writting and create something worth listening to

ChickeyCantor3726d ago

Before people even know what you need (people/resources/software/TIM E)
They already become unmotivated before they even begin XD.

But going back to school/college to learn stuff...kudos to him.

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The story is too old to be commented.