Rockstar Games’ 15-plus years of delays, revisited

For many Rockstar Games fans, a delay for Red Dead Redemption 2 — from fall 2017 to spring 2018 — was expected. The publisher’s known to have a thing for announcing release dates, only to change them again and again. It’s something Rockstar’s been doing for most of its life, marking nearly 20 years of delays.

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Fist4achin571d ago

Some delays are worth it.

mikeslemonade571d ago

The last big game from rockstar came in the middle of the generation was Vice City. Everything else Rockstar got a free pass on. The games either came out too early and or too late, which causes us to wait an extra 3-4 years to see what a rockstar game looks like on current gen hardware. This time it's Red Dead 2 coming out in the tale end of this generation, and it's Red Dead 2 which is less impressive than GTA6.

Tussin187571d ago

Yet their games sell 10s of millions. Just look at how much GTA V has sold and continues to sell. I'll take their delays any day thanks.

ClayRules2012571d ago

Rockstar could continue to delay each new game they announce, and I'll continue to have faith in them, support them, and buy their games, because the time added to their delayed games, in turn, always benefits the game's overall quality & polish. You can't rush a possible Masterpiece.

Please take note, other developers, who shall not be named. For they know who they are!

ClayRules2012571d ago

YES... I wanna know what's going on with Agent. I hope Sony & Rockstar have something special planned as a backup. If Agent isn't in development anymore.

Kallisti570d ago

The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV (previously Final Fantasy Versus XIII) were both announced for the PS3 but came out on the PS4, so there's still hope.