PLAY Mag Preview: Guitar Hero World Tour

PLAY Mag reports:

''Remember when music games were small-time? The dirty little secret of the Otaku dweeb patrol and the sweaty tracksuited chav at the local arcade? How things have changed in the past few years. You can now walk down the street clutching a plastic toy guitar and some beers and people will actually be jealous, instead of wanting to move to a better town. A good thing, we're sure you'll agree.

So now music gaming is a socially acceptable phenomenon, we can stop worrying about ridicule and concentrate on the two things that really matter in these post-Rock Band climes. One: what's the track list like? Two: how good are the instruments? It's as simple as that. And after Rock Band changed the game, we suppose there's a third question when discussing Guitar Hero World Tour: just how does it compare to Harmonix's full-band monster?

Well, from our time in World Tour's esteemed company, the future's looking pretty bright at Neversoft. After two solid hours of unadulterated rock, the Play boys could not find a single fault. In fact, Guitar Hero World Tour might have done the unthinkable. It might actually be better than Rock Band itself!''

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