SEGA are "really happy" with the sales performance of Bayonetta on PC

SEGA Europe's Senior Vice President of Commercial Publishing, John Clark, confirms sales over 170,000 for Bayonetta to PC Invasion.

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Deep-throat184d ago

Sega give us every Yakuza and Bayonetta 2 on PC!

naruga184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Keep dreaming about yakuza on pc.....Sega is time to release Bayonetta 1and 2 to PS4 gift for the ridiculous ps3 port of bayonetta 1

persona4chie184d ago

They can't, Kamiya told everyone that if they want a Bayonetta 2 port on PS4 or Xbox One they'd have to ask Nintendo. Since they funded and published the game instead of Sega. They have no say in the matter.

_-EDMIX-_184d ago

Yakuza on PC is a maybe, but could happen.

Sega is testing the waters with their ports and it could happen. I think the only thing holding them back is all the text stuff but with Zero having a whole localization for the west, who knows.

I'm not saying never on that IP coming to PC

Babadook7184d ago



If sega is happy about this... they will be ecstatic with the inevitable PS4 sales.

freshslicepizza184d ago

Yakuza could happen unless Sony has some deal in place but Bayonetta is likely 0% chance because Nintendo helped fund the project. Skies of Arcadia remastered on the PC would be nice.

Articuno76184d ago

Why is Yakuza on PC a pipe-dream, when games like Tokyo Xanadu and Akiba's Trip are getting PC versions made specifically for western release? It really seems a case of when, rather than if, TBH. There's nothing sacred or inherently tied to PlayStation with the Yakuza series (indeed, we've seen it on the Wii U before).

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Outlawzz184d ago

Yea Bayonetta 2 ain't happening either . Not unless Nintendo gives it away . But maybe bayo 3 Will be multiplatform

_-EDMIX-_184d ago

Sega owns the IP to Bayonetta though soooooo

Vegamyster184d ago


That doesn't matter, Nintendo funded development & published the game, they have to agree to port it to other systems.

Razzer184d ago

Bayonetta 2 on Switch will happen eventually, I'd wager.

sorane184d ago

Microsoft gave Nintendo Minecraft so I don't see why Nintendo can't give them Bayo 2.

ChickeyCantor184d ago

> Microsoft gave Nintendo Minecraft so I don't see why Nintendo can't give them Bayo 2.

Because minecraft thrives on a different business model and doesn't sell itself as xbox material.

Princess_Pilfer184d ago

Or if sales convince SEGA it's worth it to buy the rights to Bayonetta 2 back from Nintendo.

Nivekki183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

'Or if sales convince SEGA it's worth it to buy the rights to Bayonetta 2 back from Nintendo.'

How will sales of Bayonetta on pc convince Sega to pay Nintendo to take a gamble on what Bayonetta 2 could sell? How much would that cost them to do, do you know?

It's pie in the sky thinking.

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lush8184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

i would gladly buy yakuza all over again if it gets ported over to pc

starchild184d ago

Me too. I particularly hope they bring western releases of the two Yakuza games set in Feudal Japan to PC and PS4.

Pookandpie184d ago

Since when have collective nouns (in this case, SEGA) supposed to be used with plural verbs? "SEGA is, 'really happy'" would have been the way to write this, or so I thought.

For years it was extremely uncommon to see plural verbs with collective nouns, but today it is all I see. It was very uncommon in British English, at least while I grew up, to use them together, and unheard of in American English, but it is becoming more pervasive all the time.

Also, nice article.

slate91184d ago

I looked this up because it was driving me crazy. Is is "Microsoft 'are'" or "Microsoft 'is'"?

Pookandpie184d ago

As far as I knew, it'd be, "Microsoft is."

I have no idea if plural verbs with collective nouns is an actual change in English or if it is just popping up everywhere on the Internet due to a lack of basic education.

PhoenixUp184d ago

Sega didn't seem happy with Bayonetta's sales when it first released. They didn't even want to fund the sequel themselves

Darkfist_Flames184d ago

funny how a less priced game makes them happy than the over million sold full priced game on ps3/xbox

Nintendo4Lifex184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

That's it lmao that's pathetic straight up. They'd go out of business. Where's all the pc elitists buying games? Thought everyone has a godly rig now?
I mean all ps4 owners and switch owners do...... Literally what everyone uses when someone says xbox.

zuul9018184d ago

What does having a good computer have to do with buying a specific game? Does every super rig have to buy the game? Also when's the last time you sold 170k of anything within a month or so?
Bayonettas requirements aren't extreme so you dont need a big rig to run it. There's also the fact A LOT of steam purchasers wait until good sales come up to buy a game.

Nintendo4Lifex184d ago

It's 20 dollars Lmao! That is a sale. And why else would you buy this if you aren't gonna run it in 4k? Game is ancient!

zuul9018184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Maybe because you didnt get a chance to play it? Or maybe you no longer own it and enjoyed it so you want it again...
It'll be a much better price this summer, if you had steam you'd know that.

starchild184d ago

You're silly. Consider how old this game is and the fact it has already been out on other platforms for a long time. Given that context the sales are very good and Sega recognizes it.

Game sales on PC are extremely healthy. That's a big part of why more and more developers are putting their games on the PC.

Nintendo4Lifex183d ago

If that's healthy good bye gaming industry. Guarantee more pirated it then sold.

gamernova184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

I got mine on PC and haven't even played it. I literally just made sure I bought it to strengthen the image of PC gaming to devs so more games get released on PC. I just beat persona 5 (another one that should come out on PC) and I am too tired to game for a while lol No Godly rig required but if we did have one (which I do) I can play it at 4K unlike inferior consoles. Oh yeah, breath of the wild too at 4K via emulator with smoother performance than the switch...keep talking smack lol

Nintendo4Lifex183d ago

Yeah lets all pirate our games lmaorofl see how long gaming lasts. Damn thief!

cartoonx1184d ago

this game is old, and if you did some research it was quite playable using wii u emulator for long time now and could be played upto 10k internal rendering. so these sales are extremely good all things considered.

Stig193182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Given how little work went into putting this game on PC, they made a quick, healthy profit with this. A good deal for both gamer and publisher, what's not to like?

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Feriku184d ago

So then, Bayonetta 3 when?

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