PLAY Mag Preview: Bioshock

PLAY Mag reports:

''Before anyone tells you otherwise, BioShock isn't the greatest FPS of all time. The fact that it's headed to PS3 is important, though, given that 2K is providing all-new content for the game, and that its transition will probably precede cross-platform sequels to the first title. More than that, however, BioShock is an absolutely must-play title, regardless of platform, release date and price. The rich combination of setting, storytelling and creative riffs on the FPS added up to a ground-breaking and unpredictable experience, which only disappointed on the rarest occasion.

BioShock puts you in the role of Jack, a passenger on a plane that is downed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The year is 1960. Jack swims to a nearby lighthouse, where he finds an underwater vessel – upon entering, he's taken to the beautiful underwater city of Rapture, which resembles a prosperous, Fifties-era US city, with all the décor and sound cues to match. Rapture, created by a man called Andrew Ryan, was once a peaceful utopia until the inhabitants were infected by a much sought-after underwater resource known as ADAM.

There are many more layers to it, though. Jack has an initially unknown link to Rapture, revealed later in the game, and some key moral choices (see 'Kill a small girl') will have a certain effect on the outcome of the game. As far as plot and artistic direction goes, BioShock is a little pretentious, but this does make a refreshing change from the countless space marine shooters on the market.''

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