Nothing Wrong With Playing It Again

Some look down upon the remaster or re-release, but it's really just a chance to revisit an old friend or make a new one.

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AnubisG569d ago

I think remakes are great. Especially if they remake something from the 90's like Resident Evil, Oddworld New N Tasty and Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trology. People who played them back than will have a blast playing it again and kids who were not alive back than now will have a chance to play those games with todays graphics. I don't see where is the downside.

zuul9018569d ago

Downside is when its poorly done like bioshocks was (great game but poor remaster). Also in my opinion they should focus on older titles kinda like you mentioned. Sometimes it seems like they remaster or remake a game within like 3-5 years.
Im still waiting for a Jet Force Gemini/Conkers Bad Fur Day

FallenAngel1984569d ago

Conker's Bad Fur Day already had a remake 12 years ago

AnubisG568d ago

Yeah, remasters of games that were on PS1 so far came out pretty good. Now that I see how good they can look I wish we could get the original Metal Gear Solid remade too along with the Tomb Raider games on PS1 (I know there was Anniversary but it doesn't count!!!!! Haha)

zuul9018568d ago (Edited 568d ago )

@fallenangel i guess they did. Missed that one. I also forgot about the rare replay which had Jet force. Still wish it woulda not just been xbox one exclusive though (even though i have a xbox one) and maybe touched em up a bit more.
@ anubis
Tomb raider and MGS1 would be great. Havent played either of those in a loooong time.