PLAY Mag Preview: Alpha Protocol

PLAY Mag reports:

''With one look at the screens for Alpha Protocol, you'd be forgiven for pegging its appearance as generic, before ignoring the game for the rest of eternity. In visual form, it ticks too many boxes under the 'average' category, but its blend of genres should make it stand out as a substantial offering among the masses of third-person action games. We revealed the game back in Play 165, but just in case you missed the skinny on Alpha Protocol, here's what we know.

Alpha Protocol is developed by famed RPG developer Obsidian, creator of Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights Of The Old Republic II on the PC and Xbox. This spy-centric game is actually an action RPG, rather than an RPG in the traditional sense, so the entire experience will be in real-time, with peripheral role-playing elements enhancing the abilities of your character. There's no behind-thescenes, 20-sided dice deciding if you hit and miss your target. It's a genuinely action-based game, but it uses some of the RPG genre's staples to add depth and tension to the experience. Spy games have always warranted depth beyond firing sleeper darts, and swinging between buildings using a grappling hook; Alpha Protocol gives the premise a rare, worthy treatment.''

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