Fragland Review: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

Fragland reports:

''Contrary to its predecessor, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, this game will put you in a more sunny environment. You new private war is located in Venezuela instead of the groomy North Korea. The game starts with a contract where you need to liberate a general but your surprise will be big when you find out that after successfully finishing this mission you've just taken part in a coup d'état and get a bullet in your behind as reward. From that moment on your character swears to make anyone who doesn't live up to his contract pay.

You can play as male or female and in total there's three different characters. There's not much difference between them except that one can take some more damage than the other, another can carry more ammo and the third gets to run faster. After having made this simple choice you enter the open world of the game where you notice that although it's supposedly located in Venezuela there aren't any real locations that you now in reality. Except for the name of the country, everything is totally made up by the developers.''

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