10 Games That Fans of Twin Peaks Will Love

Whether they feature a similarly kooky cast of characters or just have the same mystery about them, here are 10 games that fans of Twin Peaks will love.

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Fist4achin363d ago

Interesting lists. I have only played a couple of these games.

Wasn't there also an X-Files game or two?

-Foxtrot363d ago

I really don't understand how Life is Strange has a Twin Peak likeness

gamer7804363d ago

there is a mystery and some of the characters are awkward, but yah its not completely like twin peaks but some of it reminds me a bit. Its a fantastic game if you haven't played it though, one of my favorites this gen.

Dark-soul362d ago

how old are you? i am curious, couse i have a feeling that game made mostly for teens 12-16 ? and for people 30+ it might not be that good?
or i am wrong?

gamer7804362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

well my first gaming system was the coleco and atari 2600, 40 years old :) It does follow young kids, but I always look back with fond memories of my childhood, thats why i like movies like goonies, stranger things, earth to echo, super eight and stuff like that.