X-Play Review: Warriors Orochi 2

X-Play reports:

''There's both less and more to Koei's second Warriors Orochi. If you toted up a list of every bit of content in it, and compared that to what's in the original game, it would obviously appear to have a lot more to it. Adding something more isn't necessarily adding something new, though, and Warriors Orochi 2 often feels like the novelty's wearing off.

If you missed the first game, it's a simple enough concept. Orochi mashes the characters from Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors into one fictitious setting. It's kind of like a crossover between Marvel and DC superheroes, except with Liu Bei versus Miyamoto Musashi instead of Superman versus the Hulk. This worked pretty well in Warriors Orochi, along with some welcome improvements to the gameplay of Koei's venerable action-strategy series. Warriors Orochi 2 is largely more of the same. Even if it's a whole lot more of the same, that still doesn't make it any more original.''

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