Dimorphic 360 Review: Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Dimorphic reports:

''Upon booting up the game you will be confronted with a tutorial level, where you taken control of Darth Vader and get to know some of the basics of combat. The face buttons control your lightsaber attacks and basic Force powers, with the triggers controlling Force grab (the thumbsticks beings used to move things around while being grabbed). The system is quite balanced and easy to get a handle on, which helps the combat flow.

The Vader mission also sets up the rest of the game, with him finding the apprentice and taking him under his twisted, dark side wing, moulding him into a Sith assassin.

The story in The Force Unleashed is one of the very best Star Wars stories ever told, indeed far above and beyond any level the prequel movies reached. The story is in-fact a reason in itself to buy the game, with so many awesome plot twists and developments, as well as some appearances from some well known characters. The story does another thing that the new movies failed to do; make you care about the characters involved. You'll actually want the Apprentice and his love interest, Juno Eclipse to get together, and enjoy the relationship between your Sith C3P0 in PROXY. There are things that happen in the game that have such a profound affect on the entire saga that I honestly did not see coming.''

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